Sequence & Ominous

After hooking up at the obvious rave during the darker days of the late 90s hardcore scene, Ominous and Sequence discovered a similar passion for the hardcore sound. Having both claimed a spot behind the decks at parties like Thunderdome on Tour and Energiehal just before the scene came to a full meltdown, they moved their core appreciation back into their studios. Wasting time digging through each-others collections, Mike and Rob hooked up into what has become Sequence & Ominous.With the slow and sneaky rise of hardcore back into the underground, the Sequence & Ominous DJ team started taking up more bookings. Known for their true dedication to the early sounds, Sequence & Ominous grew into familiar faces at a big number of early rave line-ups and are now considered as one of the new faces to spread the old-school word. A true unique combination, partially caused by a strong need to play just a little different then one might expect. Their track-lists are never complete without some added, often darker, material which everybody knew back in the days but just have seem to be forgotten. With their easygoing approach Sequence & Ominous have taken on the role to revive that part of a genre that is everything but dead.Next to dropping old-school hardcore sets with ease, Sequence & Ominous have started to deliver post-early pre-today's hardcore sets. Spinning around the millennium sound featuring a reborn hardcore movement that short-circuited the scene back into the picture. New-style classics and oldschool innovation, the guys are on a crusade to bring back hardcore like it's meant to be.
rThis refreshing combination of both old and new hardcore sounds has gained Sequence & Ominous a spot at events such as Thunderdome, Defqon, Decibel, Pandemonium, Q-BASE and performing at notorious venues like Sporthallen Zuid, Amsterdam and more. Still their ambition reaches further, and their musical goals are far from done. Hardcore rave revival at its finest.